How Well Do You Know Mount Pleasant's History?

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How well do you know the history of Mount Pleasant? Check your answers below!
How well do you know the history of Mount Pleasant? Check your answers below! Photo Credit: Robert Michelin

VALHALLA, N.Y. - Two weeks ago, we challenged our readers with 10 trivia questions on Mount Pleasant's history. Here are the answers to those questions.

1. In what year did the first family officially settle into Mount Pleasant?

  • The first family settled at the Four Corners in Thornwood in 1695.

2. What was the name of the first family to officially settle into Mount Pleasant?

  • Isaac and Mary See 

3. Which town hamlet, up until 1901, was officially known as Unionville?

  • In 1901, Unionville's name was officially changed to Hawthorne after Rose Hawthorne, who was the founder of Rosary Hill Home.

4. The New York Central and Harlem Railroad arrived in Mount Pleasant in October of what year?

  • 1846

5. Which modern-day source of water was purchased by the New York City Board of Water Supply in 1885?

  • Kensico Lake. In 1909, a contract was reached to build the Kensico Dam.

6. Which current school within the Mount Pleasant Central School District changed its name from the Cleveland Street School in 1919?

  • Columbus Elementary School

7. Which school was originally built in 1909 on Broadway, across from the Hawthorne Reformed Church?

  • Hawthorne Elementary School

8. The R.B. Henry Milk Company in Valhalla officially closed its doors for business after nearly six decades in what year?

  • 1984

9. Which popular ice cream shop in Thornwood was founded by James Bard in 1923?

  • Mount Pleasant Ice Cream Company

10. Our Lady of Pompeii church was built in what year?

  • 1918

How well did you do? Any answers surprise you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Columbus Elementary School was built in the middle of the 20th century. Do you mean the Columbus Avenue School in Valhalla? Or am I completely missing something?