Astorino: Westchester County 'Pretty Lucky' In Storm

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Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino at Westchester Police Headquarters in Valhalla on Saturday afternoon following the storm. Photo Credit: Greg Maker

VALHALLA, N.Y. – County Executive Robert Astorino said that Westchester County was “pretty lucky” overall in combating the winter storm that slammed the region.

More than a foot of snow fell on Westchester County on Friday and Saturday morning. Currently, buses, trains and planes from Westchester County Airport are all operating.

“We had minimal outages that were taken care of right away,” Astorino said. “There was no major damage that we know of. The DPW, police departments and emergency services all did outstanding jobs and took care of the problems. It was a bad snowstorm and we got through it.”

Astorino said it was convenient that the storm hit Friday night, because most people had already gotten home and crews were able to clear the roads.

Astorino said people still have to be careful in the aftermath of the storm, especially when it comes to shoveling snow.

“If you have a heart condition or if you are old, you shouldn’t be exerting yourself,” Astorino said. “The snow isn’t heavy but it is high. At this point it may be useful to take out a $20 and give it to neighborhood teens to shovel to give them something to do. Also, please check on your neighbors.”

Westchester County closed its emergency operations center in Valhalla at 1 p.m. but other counties weren’t as lucky. Astorino said that he has reached out to Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone to offer help if the county on Long Island needs it.

“They got two to three feet in Suffolk and we’ll help any way that we can. “If they need DPW crews and supplies we’ll go out there.”

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Chris P.:

I saw Rob Astorino over the weekend at a graduation ceremony. I have to compliment the man; my friend who sat next to me who is retired Royal Air Force and part of the graduation ceremony said, "That man is as well spoken as any elected official ever was and has the kind of presence that one would expect of their elected official.". It made me very proud of our Westchester Executive.

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