Ball Won't Run For Re-Election, Endorses Murphy

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- State Sen. Greg Ball announced Friday that he will not run for re-election.

Ball's website included a video and a written statement regarding his decision.

Ball's site contained the following statement: “As many know, I term limited myself in the Assembly and am proud to now follow through on that same pledge in the Senate.

"For eight years, I have enjoyed a tremendous opportunity to serve. Those memories and friendships will last a lifetime and I am forever grateful. As an elected official, and unlike many, I swore to make the position my full time job and to not accept outside employment. I kept my word and am proud to have done so, but now it is time to return to the private sector, and eventually, hopefully take time to raise a family. “

Explaining the timing of his announcement, Ball (R-Patterson) cited keeping Republican control of the seat. He then gave his support to Terrence Murphy, who is a Yorktown councilman, to be his successor.

“My late announcement was timed with one purpose, to keep this Senate seat in Republican control. Until a month ago, we didn’t even have a replacement candidate and I was never going to walk away from my Republican conference, unless this seat was secure. With Terrence Murphy, I am now confident that we will maintain this seat not only during this election, but also for many years to come. My office will continue to provide excellent constituent and legislative work.”

The timing of Ball's announcement follows media reports about the records from the Moreland Commission, which focused on investigating public corruption at the state level. News reports noted that $23,000 in Ball's campaign funding was used at places including Banana Republic and Brooks Brothers.

In an interview, Ball denied that the matter had anything to do with his decision. He also denied that he had done anything illegal. Ball also referenced a news story from City & State about the issue.

Joe Bachmeier, who serves as communications director for Ball, sent a the same statement that was given to City & State regarding the expenses.

"The clothing purchases were for campaign use, including a campaign photos, television shoots and production. iTunes downloads were for campaign iPod use at dozens of campaign events. The gym membership was part of an incentive package for campaign staff. As for paying for hotels, dinners and meetings, as a campaign and office, we have a strict policy of never allowing a constituent, lobbyist or other party to ever pick up a tab, we pay for all meetings to avoid any question of impropriety," Bachmeier stated.

Ball's senate district includes several communities in northern Westchester County, eastern Putnam County and a small portion of Dutchess County.

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Comments (5)

Let him get an honest job like everyone else

He is being investigated for 23,000 missing in campaign funds. Apparently he used the donor money to buy expensive clothes and such.

Who's he kidding, he is already ballot qualified, having to have those signatures by the end of April, so watch when he says - oops - forgot about that and Murphy is too late to get on the ballot. "Dollars to donuts" he runs...though I wish he would leave. He hasn't done anything except grandstand all these years and is an embarassment to the Republican Party.

He's an embarrassment to his constituents as well. Let's not forget the circus he presided over when he claimed he hadn't decided how to vote on the Same Sex Marriage bill and managed to get his face on national TV shows who actually believed his stunt.

He has a legal problem, which is the real reason why he is not running.