Do You Know Where You Live In Mount Pleasant?

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This map of the Mount Pleasant borders shows the various hamlets, villages and towns that it encompasses.
This map of the Mount Pleasant borders shows the various hamlets, villages and towns that it encompasses. Photo Credit: MapQuest

VALHALLA,N.Y. – With many hamlets, villages and towns crossing borders, the address on your driver's license may not be the best indicator of where your house is located.

A better test: If the police are called in the event of an emergency, who responds? Mount Pleasant Police Chief Louis Alagno said some area residents are confused when members of his department show up at their doorstep.

"It happens a lot in Pleasantville, where they have their own department, especially because the village of Pleasantville is only a few square miles and the majority of Pleasantville residents technically live in Mount Pleasant," Alagno said. "So you may have a Pleasantville address and children in the Pleasantville school system, but technically you're still a resident of Mount Pleasant."

Mount Pleasant is unique in that it incorporates many nearby areas of Westchester County as part of its town. For example, there are residents of eight different school districts who pay taxes to the town of Mount Pleasant, according to the Mount Pleasant Tax Collection office. Parts or all of the Mount Pleasant Central, Valhalla, Pleasantville, Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, Briarcliff Manor, Byram Hills and Pocantico Hills school districts are within the town. 

In certain areas of the town, the multiple borders can be tricky. On a portion of Grasslands Road, Alagno said, one side of the road is in Valhalla, while the other side of the road is technically in Greenburgh.

For officers within the Mount Pleasant Police Department, the layout can make responding to calls difficult and may be a reason to rethink the map for emergency response.

"We actually respond to a small portion of homes in Chappaqua when we receive the dispatch from 911 calls," Alagno said. "And in order to get there we have to drive up the northbound side of the Saw Mill River Parkway and then come back down the southbound side, and most residents there know its probably closer for the North Castle Police Department."

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