Engineer In Metro-North Crash Reportedly Suspended Without Pay

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The engineer of the Metro-North train that derailed in the Bronx has been suspended without pay. Photo Credit: NTSB

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- The engineer in Sunday's Metro-North derailment in the Bronx that killed four people and injured dozens has been suspended without pay, according to NBC News.

The driver, William Rockefeller, is a 15-year veteran engineer for the commuter railroad, according to the article. He reportedly "zoned out" shortly before the crash.

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In reality the entire MTA heads were suspended. All of them have a role in this incident. I really agree with johnfrancisx's views. MTA is having billions of dollars and they are not concerned about the safety of the people. First of all, we are living in a sophisticated world and it is a shame for our generation to cause accidents like this. Even the government is negligent to take action against the MTA heads. When Indian boater Jojo John had accident in the Hudson river Police and the authorities acted immediately and arrested and chained the unconscious boat driver and chained him in the hospital bed, and did not allowed him contact his parents or attorney, and even posted $ 250, 000 bail. Now the entire world is watching the acts of the authorities. You have to answer all these questions.The government should act immediately and make a thorough investigation in this matter. Suspend the entire MTA heads, that is what the government has to do, and clean the entire bureaucrats who are responsible for this accident.We wonder why the government is not taking any action yet?


If anyone should be suspended without pay it’s the heads of the MTA of this horribly dysfunctional organization. There are many ways in this day and age to prevent these things from happening but the MTA refused to spend the money on new safety technologies. Riders keep getting hit with more and more fare increases but have no clue where this money is going. Gee, I thought money should be set aside for ever-improving safety measures? There was a near fail-safe mechanism available for this train but the MTA decided to only provide it on the northbound side of the Hudson line. What the heck is the difference?! If Governor Cuomo is serious about getting to the bottom of what happened then he should order an independent attorney to investigate everything going on within the MTA including where all the money has gone over the last 20 years; and if he’s not willing to do it then the Feds should. Four people are dead. Many are injured. And the blame seems to be falling on one man only. What a farce. If it’s true that the engineer was given new hours from night to day shift then why wasn’t he allowed a two week breather away from the job to get used to his new sleep pattern before going back to work? Once again an organization does not take full responsibility for a tragedy that is usually preventable yet is all too content in blaming someone else. It seems that the MTA was neglectful in not putting rider safety first at the forefront of its organization but instead wanted to save money. Now they will be facing law suits that may end up totaling one billion dollars, if not more. Forgive me for saying this, but thankfully it happened on a Sunday and not 7 AM on a Monday. Although I’m sure that does nothing to alleviate the pain and loss of those effected. Now let’s all sit back and watch as the the MTA will claim a new round of fare increases because of their near criminal lack of prudence. The heads of the MTA need to resign.

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