Former Somers Supervisor To Head Westchester Tax Commission

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Mary Beth Murphy
Mary Beth Murphy Photo Credit: Mike Lubchenko, Gold Star Photos,

SOMERS, N.Y. -- Former Somers Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy was recently appointed the new new executive director of the Westchester County Tax Commission, according to Westchester County Business Journal. 

Murphy will replaces former tax commissioner David B. Jackson, who retired in January, the Business Journal reported.

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Comments (6)

Those Somers voters who elected and re-elected her for 16 years must have been fools or more likely the previous comments are made by Greg Ball Kool-Aide drinkers.

Even former town board
members of Somers have said that murphy is a liar.
In fact at least one former
Town board member filed a
Law suit against murphy
For violating her constitutuinal rights while she was still on the town
board. Another town board
member said that murphy
wasted hundreds of
thousands of dollars on
projects and consulting
companies. Murphy is one of
those good old boys.

Astorino rewarding a loser with a lucrative job, probably pays more then County Clerk when she failed to beat Idoni. What will Rob get when Cuomo beats him?

We were going to vote for Astorino until he appointed murphy to the countys commisioner of taxes. Its like putting the fox in the henhouse.
How many times has
murphy been sued? How
many times has she ordered
peoples Pro 2nd amendment
signs taken down on private
property but put up her own candidate signs all over town and in violation of town code.
She claims that the town
owns 15 ft from the black top
when that is yet another lie.
Does this newspaper even realize that murphy had threaten other homeowners who posted signs that supported other candidates for town supervisor in 2011.


Well we knew there had to be job for her somewhere. That's the way it works.

She lost her bid for County Clerk.