Hastings Launches Ground-Breaking Deer Population Control Project

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The Village of Hastings will participate in a study to see if immunocontraception is a viable form of population control for deer.
The Village of Hastings will participate in a study to see if immunocontraception is a viable form of population control for deer. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore

HASTINGS, N.Y. -- The Village of Hastings-on-Hudson has launched a five-year research project to see if immunocontraception can be used as a viable form of deer population control. 

Immunocontracteption has been used successfully to reduce deer populations on islands and in confined settings, but this new project will be the first study conducted on a free-roaming deer population living in an open, suburban area in the U.S.

“Hastings is proud to be part of this effort, and more than 120 residents have volunteered to help in various aspects of this study, underscoring the broad support it enjoys in our community," Mayor Peter Swiderski said in a statement. "We believe that, should this approach work in Hastings, we will be creating the only viable alternative to lethal methods currently examined and rejected by literally hundreds of communities nationwide that face a similar problem.”

Under the protocols approved by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, highly trained staff from The Humane Society of the United States will capture, ear-tag and administer a long-acting form of the PZP vaccine to approximately 60 female deer living in the Village.

Treated deer will be monitored for fawns to determine vaccine effectiveness and longevity for two to three years after initial treatment.

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Comments (3)

more wasted tax dollars

Not quite that simple, Mr. G. Immuno is being pursued because the option which they had their heart set was taken from them. The empathetic Hastings Mayor Swiderski is responsible for the village of Hastings as being the first town in the history of New York to receive a permit for the net & bolt slaughter of deer. It was a relentless campaign exposing this flawed Mayor which resulted in a reversal of his position. Visit You Tube and enter "Peter Swiderski Swings His Flaccid Slaughter Bolt", it will provide a little clarity before you run off canonizing him.


Thank you for your leadership role which provides a humane solution to deer over poplulation. Your actions provide an empathic example for young people.I can't commend your efforts highly enough!!! Now if only Kevin Carter the CEO of Teatown would have the same amount HEART as your Management Team.Hang your head in shame Kevin... the Village of Hastings has outclassed you.