Judge Halts Release Of Deposition Videos In DJ Henry Death

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A judge stopped the lawyer representing DJ Henry's family from releasing video footage of sworn depositions in the wrongful death case. Photo Credit: Pace University Athletics

THORNWOOD, N.Y. — The family's desire to release information related to the death of DJ Henry hit a snag after a federal court stopped the family's lawyer from making public video footage of sworn depositions, according to a statement from Angella Henry.

"Judge rules videotaped depositions will not be made public but has yet to rule in the gag order decision," said Angella Henry, mother of the former Pace University student.

Lawyers representing former Pleasantville Police Officer Aaron Hess are seeking a gag order in the wrongful death case of DJ Henry. The order seeks to stop lawyer Michael Sussman and members of Henry's family from releasing further information about the litigation. Previously, Sussman has released evidence and deposition transcripts related to the case on his website.

At a news conference in January, Sussman said he wanted to release the video depositions to give the public a better perception of the court process.

"Reading something that's in black and white is a little bit different than watching them and being able to draw your own conclusions about their veracity." Sussman said at the news conference. 

Neither Sussman nor Hess's lawyer Brian Sokoloff were available for comment Tuesday. 

Most recently, Sussman released the sworn deposition transcripts with Mount Pleasant Police Chief Louis Alagno and former Pleasantville Police Chief Anthony Chiarlitti. In the deposition, Chiarlitti admits that Hess broke a department policy when he shot at Henry's moving vehicle. 

In October 2010, Hess shot and killed Henry through the windshield of Henry's car as he was sprawled across the hood. The fatal shooting occurred in the parking lot of the Thornwood Shopping Center after an unrelated altercation occurred at a nearby bar. 

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