Mount Pleasant Criticizes Publication Of Gun Records

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Many around the region and country are upset that information of handgun permit holders was published by The Journal News.
Many around the region and country are upset that information of handgun permit holders was published by The Journal News. Photo Credit: Provided

VALHALLA, N.Y. — Although the information is public and no laws were broken, The Journal News' publishing of the names and addresses of handgun permit holders in an interactive map has upset many across the region and country. 

Valhalla resident Jeff Brogan said such information shouldn't be made easily available to the public.

"It's obviously public information, but that doesn't mean the public is intelligent enough to be trusted with it," Brogan wrote in a Facebook post on The Mount Pleasant Daily Voice's page. "I've heard from law enforcement that they're truly concerned that homes mapped will be targeted for their guns."

Mount Pleasant Police Chief Louis Alagno said he disagreed that gun owners could be harassed and said it could have the opposite affect. 

"I think burglaries are more about opportunity, than calculation through some sort of map," Alagno said. "And knowing that a firearm is in the home could certainly deter a burglar in some situations."

Since the map was made public in late December, The Journal News has felt the backlash. The New York Times reported Jan. 2 that two of the newspaper's offices were being guarded by armed personnel.

Politicians have pushed back as well. The Times reported that Putnam County refused to give its permit holder records to The Journal News. New York state Sen. Greg Ball, a Republican who represents Mount Pleasant as well as other areas of Westchester and Putnam counties, is vehemently against the publication of these gun records.

"The asinine editors at the Journal News, have once again gone out of their way to place a virtual scarlet letter on law-abiding firearm owners throughout the region," Ball said in a statement. "This is clearly a violation of privacy and needs to be corrected immediately."

Alagno said although The Journal News didn't break any laws, it may have only got part of the story.

"What's glaring is that the records only include handguns," Alagno said. "And I'm sure a lot more people in this region own long-guns, which don't require permits."

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Comments (2)

There has only been one Foil request for this information in the past year. The Foil request was made almost a year ago. There is no indication on the request relating it to the Journal News. A Michael Sheehan on New Rochelle NY made the request. So far I can't find a connection between him and the Journal News. But it does bring up several questions. Was the Journal News sitting on this for the right opportunity? How long did it take to plot the interactive map? Were they hoping for a tragedy closer to home? Aurora seems to far away, but Sandy Hook is in their backyard. Knowing that the data is a year old, how many unrelated people have they put in harms way? People that may be at those addresses, that were not there a year ago. I have dealt with these socialist editors for 12 years. They are the scum you might think, but in reality they are not too bright useful idiots with knee jerk liberal tendencies and an overbearing sense of their own importance.

Cancel your subscription and contact and boycott the JN advertisers, Staples, Target and Metro PCS.

Another instance of a liberal rag infringing on the rights of citizens who own guns legally. Why don’t they list the names and addresses of all the illegal’s in the area, who have their hands in our pockets by not paying taxes and flying under the radar, they could have guns and we would never know. Why also don’t they list the name and address of anyone convicted of DWI. A car in the hands of a drunk is as dangerous as a gun. What’s next will they list the name and addresses of all the bow hunters in the area, a bow in the right hands is also as dangerous as a gun. ALL GUN OWNERS THAT SUBSCRIBE TO THE JURNAL NEWS SHOULD CANCLE THEIR SUBSCRIPTION AND IF YOU DON’T SUBSCRIBE STOP BUYING THE PAPER. Hit them where it hurts their pocket !!!