Mount Pleasant Keeps Fingers Crossed For 2013

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Mount Pleasant Town Supervisor Joan Maybury said a year without another major storm is her hope for 2013. Photo Credit: Robert Michelin

VALHALLA, N.Y. – After Hurricane Irene and Snowtober hit in 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Mount Pleasant Town Supervisor Joan Maybury said the biggest thing she's hoping for in 2013 is not for the third time to be a charm.

"The biggest thing is just hoping for a year without a major storm," Maybury said. "This year it seemed as if we were going to walk away without one after the summer, but Sandy ended up being the worst this town has seen in years."

Hurricane Sandy left many residents throughout Mount Pleasant without power for up to two weeks, and Maybury said the storm ended up costing the town around $250,000. The town continues to work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency on getting up to 80 percent of those costs reimbursed.

Although another storm is something most residents are not looking forward to, Maybury said one thing residents can look forward to is new development in town. The Legion of Christ facility, on 262 acres of land, in Thornwood is for sale, and a 40-acre span of land in the Grasslands area of Valhalla is in development for a biotech research facility. Maybury said both of those projects can bring benefits to the residents of Mount Pleasant.

"We're expecting both of those projects to make major steps forward in 2013," Maybury said. "And that can mean local job growth for the people here."

One goal the town supervisor has for the upcoming year is continuing to improve the relationship between the local government and its residents, especially in the case of another major storm.

"I think we've done a very good job in terms of emergency preparedness," Maybury said. "But one aspect I would like to work on is how we communicate with residents in the event of an emergency in order to get out vital information."

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