Poll: What's The Worst Intersection In Mount Pleasant?

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The intersection of Elwood Avenue and Route 141 is concerning for some residents due to a lack of visibility.
The intersection of Elwood Avenue and Route 141 is concerning for some residents due to a lack of visibility. Photo Credit: Google Maps

HAWTHORNE, N.Y. - A lack of visibility, traffic and dangerous driving all can be reasons for an intersection to be a place that Mount Pleasant drivers wish to avoid. 


What's the worst intersection in Mount Pleasant?

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What's the worst intersection in Mount Pleasant?

  • Four Corners (Marble Ave., Broadway, Kensico Road, Franklin Ave.) in Thornwood

  • Elwood Ave. and Frankford Street in Hawthorne

  • Route 141 and Elwood Ave. in Hawthorne

  • Other, leave your choice in the comments below

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Four corners is a main intersection that brings together Mable Avenue, Kensico Road, Broadway and Franklin Avenue and brings residents to parts of Thornwood, Pleaasantville and Hawthorne. Resident Lindsay Rosselli Sergeant said although four corners is a main intersection of the town, it should be avoided at times.

"Four corners is the worst!" Resselli Sergeant wrote in a Facebook post on The Mount Pleasant Daily Voice's page. "At rush hour, you don't even want to go near there, so much traffic."

In Hawthorne, residents such as Patricia Donnelly are concerned about certain intersections not because of traffic but because of safety. Donnelly said the intersection of Elwood Avenue and Frankford Street particularly is a concern.

"The drivers on Frankford are supposed to stop," Donnelly said. "But I was hit there once, and almost many other times, when they run the stop sign."

Resident Erica Babad said the Route 141 and Elwood Ave. intersection is bad because of a lack of sight going into traffic.

"The visibility is terrible if you're turning left on Elwood from 141," Babad said. 

The Mount Pleasant Daily Voice wants to hear from you. Let us know what intersection you think is worst by voting in our poll and leaving your thoughts below in the comments section.

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Comments (6)

Elwood and 141 in my personal opinion is the worst I had my car for 10 days I didn't even get the plates for it yet and I was t boned at that intersection my passenger side door and part of my cab is pretty smashed in from it that intersection in my opinion there should be a light there to cut down on accidents bec it is a mess over there

How sad someone died..hopefully the town will take action. On commerce the cars fly by...some action was taken with speed limits..but mostly ignored.

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I agree with all of these, listed in the article and within the comments. A light at the bottom of Swanson Drive isn't a bad idea. But the Town really ought to increase the length of time of the left-turn arrow at Four Corners, turning to Franklin Avenue. At best, only a car and a half can move before it turns yellow (it's much longer making a left from Marble Avenue toward the Town Center). There should also be vehicle-height restrictions enforced at the intersection of 141 and Elwood (turning left onto Elwood). All SUVs and such block visibility too frequently and it's dangerous.

The intersection of Nanny Hagen Rd and Swanson Dr is very dangerous. When turning onto Nanny Hagen from Swanson, because of the poor visibility (a 6 foot high fence along the road blocks vision) drivers often can not see oncoming traffic until they are already in the intersection. There should be a traffic light there, especially because of the proximity to the high school and for the safety of newer drivers going to/from school.

The intersection of Commerce and Elwood by Gordo's. Heaven forbid anyone actually try to walk in this town. This blind corner on the way to the train station from points north is a death trap.