Whole Foods Proposed At Chappaqua Crossing

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Residents speak out against the Chappaqua Crossing project at a TownBoard hearing in October . A 40,000 square foot Whole Foods is being proposed for the site. Photo Credit: File Photo

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. -- A Whole Foods Market is being proposed for the Chappaqua Crossing project.

The 40,000-square foot grocery store would be part of the retail portion of the Summit/Greenfield owned property that was proposed last year amid intense public criticism.

According to John Marwell, attorney for Summit/Greenfield, Whole Foods hopes to move in by second quarter of 2015 and hopes to get site plan approval soon.

Whole Foods would be augmented with 16,500 square feet of adjacent retail space, a 25,000 square foot retail building, a 5,500 square foot bank and 33,000 square feet of additional retail space, along with a community garden.

The news comes on the heels of the New Castle elections where Team New Castle, a group critical of Summit/Greenfield's proposals were swept into office.

Supervisor-elect Robert Greenstein, also president of the Chappaqua Millwood Chamber of Commerce, said he was not surprised by the move saying Summit/Greenfield is developing the project similar to Kings Crossing in Fairfield.

"We expected Whole Foods to be the first step in the process," Greenstein said. "I don't blame them for doing it."

Greenstein expects places like Chipotle, Five Guys and Petco, which are at Kings Crossing, to be proposed for Chappaqua Crossing. Greenstein said the town should develop a master plan before it approves anything at Chappaqua Crossing.

"Maybe we should prioritize other commercial areas like the downtown hamlet," Greenstein said. "We shouldn't approve a 120,000-square foot development based on one tenant."

At Tursday's Town Board work session, lawyers for Summit/Greenfield pushed for an up or down vote from board members on whether they would approve the Whole Foods plan.

Geoff Thompson, a spokesman for Summit/Greenfield, said board members preferred Whole Foods remain in the proposed retail space and not in a rehabbed office building. 

Summit/Greenfield said they would move Whole Foods into the proposed retail area, but would not want to go through another lengthy environmental review. Town Board members said they would discuss the matter at the next meeting.

"We really want this project to be finished," Thompson said. "We've been before this town for nine years. We've accommodated a number of supervisors. We've spent many millions of dollars on consultants, town's consultants, architects, engineers and traffic studies. We don't want to lose Whole Foods."

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Comments (6)


I am often in Chappaqua, the corner of Greeley Ave and Starbucks, and it looks like a ghost town.
Where are crowds to support the business?
A Whole Foods will bring the public to its location and have a spill over effect into down town. Chappaqua property owners may get some tax relief as WFM and other business contribute to the tax mix.
Or Chappaqua can stay, as is a forgotten 19th century town with an aging tax base. A Westchester town where young and professional families, who are health conscious, may not want to live. And that can have a long term effect on property prices as we slowly recover from ’08.

Whole Foods is a symbol, for young professional families, of healthy fresh and clean foods and has environmentally friendly home products.


I *knew* it was going to be a Whole Foods! This will shut up most of the opponents who would have complained about it being a supermarket if it had been something like A&P or DeCicco's. Brilliant move on the developer's part, and great move for WFM to get into such an affluent area.

Now maybe Trader Joe's will acknowledge that Westchester exists north of Hartsdale and build a store so we don't have to go to Danbury.


What a disaster ! There is a newly elected town board that would be against this. Who cares if it's a whole foods! It's a traffic , satety , quality of life , economic nightmare !!!!!

P K:

Build it and we will come! This is greeat news.


The Whole Foods should certainly go through. All my neighbors want it and, while preserving downtown is important, it would be silly to kill a Whole Foods just for spite. Also, we all drive to Danbury for Trader Joe's, it's insane. Great job current board and good luck to the new gang.


You realize there's now a Whole Foods in Danbury too, right? They're where Marcus Dairy used to be, next to the mall.

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