DJ Henry Lawyer: Mount Pleasant Chief Covered Up

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Michael Sussman, the lawyer representing DJ Henry's family, held a press conference Thursday morning.
Michael Sussman, the lawyer representing DJ Henry's family, held a press conference Thursday morning.

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. - Michael Sussman, the lawyer representing the family of DJ Henry, said Thursday morning that Mount Pleasant Police Chief Louis Alagno lied to the public in an attempt to cover up the death of the Pace University student.

"I don't see it as anything other than a deliberate cover up," Sussman said. "These are his people within his department, and the people from his neighboring department."

Alagno was not available for comment Thursday. The press conference was held while Alagno was in his sixth day of depositions for the case.

At the press conference Thursday in Tarrytown, Sussman gave details from Alagno's sworn deposition about what happened after Henry was fatally shot by Pleasantville Police Officer Aaron Hess. In the deposition, Sussman said Alagno admitted to meeting with Mount Pleasant Police Lt. Brian Fanelli in the morning after the shooting, where Fanelli informed him that Mount Pleasant Officer Ronald Beckley shot at Hess while Hess was on the hood of Henry's car with the belief that Hess was the aggressor.

Hours after the meeting, Alagno spoke in a press conference in which he said that Beckley shot at the car because he felt Henry was going to strike him with his car and that his life was in danger.

In the deposition, Alagno said the difference in details was simply an omission. 

"At the time I chose not to include that information," Alagno said in the deposition when asked about the details he received regarding Beckley. "It's not my practice to add a great deal of detail."

Sussman said Alagno could have omitted the information in the press conference in a much less convicting way.

"That's what that press conference was about, setting the tone," Sussman said. "His conclusion was already there at 10:30 a.m. the next morning before the investigation even started."

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Comments (4)

Mount Pleasant Police Chief Louis Alagno and Lt. Brian Fanelli deliberately concealed urgent points of interest of the 2010 shooting of Pace University understudy Danroy Henry Jr. so as to ensure police, a legal advisor for the Henry family said Thursday. Michael Sussman, the Henry family's attorney, said at a public interview that Alagno deceived the media and Fanelli carried out criminal acts by misrepresenting a departmental reminder in the hours after the occurrence. Recently a Brampton Criminal Lawyer giving the best solution for these type of issues.

Lets face it people, the kid was drinking and chose to take off in his car and hit a police officer and towards a 2nd officer. And they were trying to protect each other. If he had gotten out of the car as asked he wouldnt have been shot. Stop trying to drag this out and post blame to everyone BUT him. He was in the wrong had a chance to get out of the car, he chose his own destiny.

Enough is enough, unless of course, your child was killed. The question on alcohol is still out there, but 'cyotos' scenario doesn't pan out. DJ was not running; he was moving his car at the request of a police officer. I think your wonderful town is going to lose tens of millions of dollars and your excellent Chief of Police will be haunted for the rest of his life by the murder he covered up.

Enough is enough. It is a shame DJ Henrey had to die. But maybe if he didn’t get behind the wheel with drinks in him he would have gotten out of the car instead of trying to run. A car coming at you is a deadly weapon that you’re not going to stop by putting your hand up. That night was a mob scene with the police out numbered. Where do these college students get off coming into our town, probably using phony I.D.’S and drinking. This endangers the people living in this town not to mention our children. It is a shame when an ambulance chaser hooks onto a grieving family for monetary gain and to be in the lime light. We have a good town and an excellent Chief of Police.