FBI Arrests Fugitive Suspected In Bank Robbery Spree

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The FBI released this photo of bank robbery suspect Luis Alomar.
The FBI released this photo of bank robbery suspect Luis Alomar. Photo Credit: FBI
The FBI released this photo of bank robbery suspect Luis Alomar.
The FBI released this photo of bank robbery suspect Luis Alomar. Photo Credit: FBI

WESTCHESTER/FAIRFIELD COUNTIES -- Luis Alomar, a fugitive suspected in a string of bank robberies along the Eastern Seaboard, including possibly in Westchester and Fairfield counties, was taken into custody at about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday in Medford, Long Island, N.Y., the FBI said.

Assisting in the arrest were the  FBI, Suffolk County Police, Westchester County Police, Yonkers Police, New York State Parole and Greenwich police.

Alomar, 37, was wanted in his connection to a series of bank robberies along the "Eastern Seaboard of the United States," including several in Connecticut New York and New Jersey, the FBI said.

"He was being held Tuesday on state parole violations in the Suffolk County jail," said FBI spokesman Christos Sinos, supervisory special agent in the FBI's New York office.

Alomar may have been involved in the two bank robberies that occurred Sept. 12 in Fairfield within a half-hour. Read about those robberies here in The Daily Voice.

The FBI said the suspect in those robberies was also sought in connection with a Greenwich bank robbery in on Sept. 6, and in a double bank robbery in Greenwich on Aug. 28 that stopped trains for hours. (The Daily Voice story here.)

The arrest may also be linked to two bank robberies that occurred within two hours Monday at the People's United Bank in Mamaroneck and the branch in Brewster. Read about it here on The Daily Voice. 

The date and location of his arraignment on federal charges is still to be determined.

The information that led to his arrest was a "combination of investigative techniques including tips," Sinos said.  It was unknown whether publicity played a role, he said.

The FBI had released a statement Monday that it was seeking Alomar. A federal arrest warrant has been issued for him in Delaware in connection with a bank robbery there.

"He has been known to walk into a bank or commercial site and demand money from the register drawers. In most cases, a note was handed to the teller indicating he was carrying a weapon; in some cases, a weapon was displayed," the FBI said in a statement. "Alomar is alleged to have made verbal threats to bank tellers, telling them he would shoot them if they said anything. He normally demands large bills."

Alomar, who the FBI described as a Hispanic man, also uses the aliases of Arturo Alomar, Luis Arturo, David Diaz, David Gonzalez, Louis Alomar and Luis Castillo.

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