Byram Hills Guidance Counselor Looks North

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Byram Hills High School guidance counselor Susan Buchman offering students a college alternative: attending school in Canada. Photo Credit: Sam Barron

ARMONK, N.Y. -- As the college application process heats up, Byram Hills High School guidance counselor Susan Buchman is offering students another alternative north of the border.

Buchman recently returned from a trip to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where she attended the National Association for College Admission Counseling annual conference.

While in Toronto, Buchman toured universities like Ryerson University and University of Toronto and began to see Canada, particularly Toronto, as a viable alternative.

"It's a great option for many students," Buchman said. "Toronto is a good place to go to school, it's a short direct flight. Kids from here go much farther."

Buchman said Toronto was a beautiful city with an international flair.

"It's a very diverse city culturally," Buchman said 

The cost is also a factor. While Canadian schools charge an international rate for American students, tuition in Canada can end up being much cheaper than a private American institution.

"It's a good deal financially," Buchman said. "I don't push any school, but I offer options. For a student on their own path, it might be a good idea."

While Buchman has seen students to McGill University in Montreal, no one has decided to go to Ontario yet.

"Some students are willing to look," Buchman said. "Parents get interested when they hear the price."

Buchman has said she heard in Canada that American students are starting to explore the opportunity of education in Canada.

Guidance counselor Anne Kaplan, who also works at Byram Hills, said she thought college in Canada was an attractive option.

"You get such great value," Kaplan said. "I was surprised at how close Toronto was."

Kaplan said she felt Toronto was a little New York with the pace of Chicago.

"I would recommend it in a heartbeat," Kaplan said.

To attend school in Canada, students need to obtain a student visa from the Canadian government. Eligible students from the U.S. have the opportunity to work in Ontario for up to three years after they have completed their post-secondary education. 


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McGill University in McGill? You mean Montreal?

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