Thornwood's Gracie Academy Hosting Martial Arts Event

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Mixed martial artists from Gracie Thornwood will host a tournament.
Mixed martial artists from Gracie Thornwood will host a tournament. Photo Credit: Bill McGuinn

THORNWOOD, N.Y. -  The Gracie Thornwood Jiu-Jitsu Academy will host the area's first-ever Gladius GT Submission Only Mixed Martial Arts Tournament, beginning Saturday at 9 a.m.

Gracie, or Brazilian style, jiu jitsu was developed by Helio Gracie as an offshoot of Japanese judo. After perfecting this style, the Gracie family quickly proved that it was the most effective of all the martial arts by challenging and beating the world champions of judo, karate, and kung fu. 

Mike DeBiase, Tony Gioffre and Steve Kardian of Gracie Thornwood have trained martial artists in the form, in preparation for Saturday's event. A typical workout includes instructional elements combined with all-out, full-contact workouts.

The Gladius GT combatants will take part in 10-minute matches in which participants must force their opponent to submit (tap out) in order to advance. 

The adult team from Thornwood will feature Brian Beaury, Mark Gross, and Nick Mannello. The kids team will be led by Logan Rafter, Brody McGuinn, Carl Herzner, and Olivia Lee.

Gracie Thornwood is located at 638 Columbus Avenue in the Rose Hill Shopping Center in Thornwood. For more information, call 239-8758.

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